Tech @ Linier

technology, as an enabler

At Linier tech, our focus is on ensuring that you make money or save money. Tech drives change.

Technology is changing the way we get informed live, earn a living and buy what we need. Tech now needs to factor in how the human brain absorbs and processes information.
With nearly 3.3 billion people using smartphones, about half of humanity can now be reached digitally. We have entered the age of opportunity as ideas can now spread globally at a rapid pace.
At Linier Dataquest, we help you bring your business ideas to life and see them reach its target audience.


Heavy duty Andriod Apps In English, Hindi or any other language

IoS Apps that integrate with tonnes of data on the backend

Integrate GPS functionalties in what you do make your apps relevant

Image and video management systems allow your users to do more


Storefront development with payment gateway integration

Integrate your sales management with your digital outreach

Content Management Systems that integrate text, graphics and video

Data dashboards for keeping track of key metrics in real time


Customised light ERP Systems to improve workflows

MLM Systems designed to work with your team/ network

CRM systems that help you retain customers in a competetive world

Inteligent Chatbots to drive engagement with customers


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