Design First

Beyond Looking Good

Words & images achieve harmony in design. Great design should help you sell

We live in a visual world. In the age of information overload, design defines you.
It is not just about the visual impact, design is the soul of your story-telling. At Linier, we believe that graphics and videos drive content consumption. Great design helps the product get past our neural resistance and gets through.
We are looking to bring down content creation costs by automating the content creation process. You can now design your graphics in less than 5 mins.


Hundreds of background templates to chose from in mulitple dimensions.

Type in your headline and sub-head text in your language.

Select the layout template that suits your business best.

Edit the design, save it. Use it in Adfirst or anywhere you want.


Short video films will get a lot more eyeballs than graphics

Use videos in your leadership comms to engage your teams

Convert sales pitches into smart videos as a pre-meting brief

Enhance your training experience by adding motion graphics and videos


Take your social media graphics to the next level of relevance

Print and outdoor ads which help your brand stand above the clutter

Motion graphics that say more in 30 seconds. The art of getting through

Get snappy with your official merchandise and be remembered


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