Adfirst Target

aim small - miss small

Every store serves a unique market. Localise your ads to drive customers and sales to your on-ground stores

Adfirst Target is where marketing and sales converge. The product collects all relevant information about the store and based on the client brief, decide on the goods and services you wish to market in the area.
We then define a ‘target market’ for every store and based on the product/service, we define the target audience, based on demography, interests and online behaviour.
We execute and track progress, fine tuning the strategy for each store.


Does your digital marketing drive your sales?

Is your digital marketing effort relevant to the audience?

Are you pushing the right product / service to the right market?

Are you getting the right returns on your ad spend?


Adfirst Target connects your customers to your sales outlet

Have a unique content strategy for each sales outlet, anywhere in the world

Push products/ services most relevant to the market

Integrate customer data, take them to the nearest store


Map store location, get demographics and local intelligence

Define the marketing strategy and products/ services you wish to push

Map store location, get demographics and local intelligence

Create automated graphics to make content relevant to every market


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