About Us

Enjoy the journey

“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity”

Sun Tzu, Art of War

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

Albert Einstein

Our Story

Our journey as entrepreneurs started at an altitude of 11,575 ft. In September 2016, we took a road trip to Leh. Still a part of the Digital team at the Indian National Congress, we began talking about how we could solve the biggest problem confronting us- reaching a wider audience.
As we travelled through the mountain passes (the photograph was taken at Zojila pass) and struggled with altitude sickness, we decided that someday, we would create a platform that would allow customers to reach out to their target audience. The idea hinges on three basic pillars: strategy based on understanding the reality of the markets, a data engine that captures all the data that is relevant to business and a delivery system that allows businesses to draw maximum value for their ad-spend. That’s the idea behind Adfirst.
As professionals with more than two decades of experience in technology, communication and marketing ideas, we have grown into a full-service company which integrates technology, design, content and targeting into an integrated com-tech company, if the word even exists.
The beautiful thing about life is that you don’t know where the road will take you or how the journey would pan out, but this is a journey that each one must undertake.
We decided to call ourselves Linier Dataquest because we need to uncomplicate life by following straight lines, between ideas and execution, between value to customers and profits. We just want to keep it honest. The quest for data has been a passion as we seek to find answer to complicated questions through relevant data points.
As we said, this is a journey and lets see where it takes us.
Welcome onboard.